Raineth Donates $1,000 to St. Louis Tenants in Thanksgiving Gift Card Giveaway

To show how thankful we are for the many wonderful tenants we have in St. Louis, our team at Raineth wanted to give back this Thanksgiving holiday to a few tenants on a fixed income who are managing some very difficult challenges.

In an effort led by our beloved property manager Dee Sutton, Raineth and our St. Louis staff donated more than $1,000 to make Thanksgiving a little brighter for those most in need. The effort ultimately allowed us to purchase 10 gift cards valued at $100 each.

Prior to our gift card delivery, one of our tenants told us she had given up on the thought of having a Thanksgiving dinner this year, but with the extra help, she couldn’t wait to plan her menu. Another tenant mentioned that the unexpected gift would allow him to buy Christmas presents for his grandchildren.

We wish all of our tenant families a very happy and meaningful holiday season.