A dedicated Raineth tenant in Cincinnati

When we first met Ms. Bradshaw, she would regularly take a taxi to our office to deliver her rent check.

Ms. Bradshaw has been a tenant of ours since 2014, when Raineth purchased the home she lives in. Unfortunately, she is no longer able to drive a car on her own.

It didn’t take long for us to realize how much effort she effort she was going through each month in order to pay her rent. Once we did, however, we made a point to begin picking up her check directly from her home to help save her the time and travel costs. We figured it’s the least we could do for someone who had worked so diligently to pay her rent on time.

When we started picking up her check from her home, we also realized that she was unable to change her lightbulbs and pick up her groceries regularly. So we started taking care of those needs for her, too!

We want to thank Ms. Bradshaw for being a wonderful tenant and we look forward to continuing our relationship with her in the years to come.

Our property managers, Jennifer (top) and Samantha (bottom), now retrieve Ms. Bradshaw’s rent checks from her home each month.

Raineth Housing Cincinnati, Ohio tenant
Raineth Housing Cincinnati, Ohio tenant